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A unique fund solution designed to deliver the best of all worlds.

Investments Redefined

SIIION is a service led proposition created by Ocaris Wealth Management Ltd (Ocaris), operated by Margetts Fund Management (MGTS) and managed by Sentinel Portfolio Management (Sentinel) which brings together specialist partner firms to meet the specific needs of investors. This is achieved through the MGTS SIIION Funds which benefit from:-

  • Unitisation: By gathering together investors increase their buying power and achieve consistency, whilst investment managers can focus more time and effort in meeting investor objectives from an efficient structure.  
  • Risk rated: Designed to provide cautious, balanced and adventurous options to meet investors' objectives and risk profiles. 
  • Multi asset: Driven by a broad range of asset types, sectors and geographical regions. 

Capital is at risk. Investments and derived income can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested. 

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Guiding Principles

The SIIION proposition operates around III pillars that strive to deliver excellent investor outcomes:-

  • Service: Independent parties have been brought together to combine an expert advice and investment management solution, based on strong governance, use of technology and forward-thinking partnerships.
  • Cost: Fund and management costs which are  transparent and highly competitive, providing value to investors. 
  • Flexibility: Through unitisation, investors have more flexibility to access the same investment solution which is more independent of tax planning and size of investment. Investment managers have flexibility to change the underlying investments focusing on the investment objective and not tax planning.

It is strongly recommended that you receive professional financial advice before making any investment. 

The above provides general benefits of unitisation and does not imply that this solution is the most tax effective solution for your personal circumstances, nor does it imply that all taxes can be mitigated. 



Industry Experience

The SIIION proposition is designed to combine independent financial advice from Ocaris and independent fund management. Harnessing decades of industry experience to provide a unitised solution designed to meet the needs of investors through the use of funds operated by MGTS who are an independent Authorised Corporate Director (ACD).




One of the three pillars that that make up the guiding principles is transparency. At the center of the SIIION proposition is a range of FCA authorised retail funds operated by MGTS. The MGTS SIIION Funds provide transparent and competitive costs and public information shared by all investors.




The SIIION proposition is based on a refined service that combines professional and personal financial planning with technology of Ocaris to deliver a premium and efficient service around independently operated funds that have been designed to meet the needs of investors.



Robust Governance

At the centre of the SIIION proposition are the MGTS SIIION funds, which have been developed by MGTS specifically for this proposition and its investors. MGTS have independent oversight responsibilities for the funds and a separate duty to all investors invested in the funds. The funds have been designed to meet the needs of Ocaris, who will review and assess the performance of all parties including MGTS.



Service Fees

Ocaris financial planning advice and service is optional and provided independently from the funds.The cost of any advice and ongoing service will be charged separately to any charges paid from the fund, although this may be facilitated by MGTS. Clients can terminate their fee's at any point.


The MGTS SIIION funds are operated by Margetts Fund Management Ltd.  A monthly fact sheet for each fund can be found below. A full prospectus and key investor information document can be provided upon request.

Capital is at risk. Investments and derived income can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than invested. 







"It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for."

Robert Kiyosaki

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